durusmail: mems-talk: design file for Guckel rings?
design file for Guckel rings?
design file for Guckel rings?
Albert Henning
I am looking for design files (GDSII, DXF, or similar) for standard
Guckel rings (to bracket stress/stress gradient in thin films).  I'm
also looking for design files for related stress-characterization
structures (e.g. cantilevers), similar to those developed by Bill Sharpe
and his colleagues.  Or, if NIST or a similar organization has a
publicly-available die- or wafer-level design file with a complete set
of stress-related metrology structures, of course getting the URL to
that resource would be terrific.

Thanks in advance.

Al Henning


Albert K. Henning, PhD

Director of MEMS Technology

NanoINK, Inc.

215 E. Hacienda Avenue

Campbell, CA  95008




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