durusmail: mems-talk: Building a MEMS LAB - Advice wanted.
Building a MEMS LAB - Advice wanted.
Building a MEMS LAB - Advice wanted.
Asitha Kulasekara
Hi all,

I am a part of a group planning/designing a MEMS/NEMS laboratory for
developers as well as undergraduates. I would be grateful if you are able
provide some guidance on selecting the following equipment.
     1. Digital microscope - I have selected keyence VHX-1000 or 2000
     2. A complete Wet etching system -
     3. Semiconductor parameter analyzer - I have selected HP Agilent

I have found the above equipment, but I would really appreciate your expert
advice on selecting the best equipment. It would be really helpful of you
can provide good products/manufacturers that I can contact.

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