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On the topic of critical point drying - CPD
On the topic of critical point drying - CPD
Thomas W Frisk
Dear Colleagues,

We are doing some CO2 critical point drying of silicon structures. Not getting a
very good yield, the question came up: what protocol do you use?

I did some googling, and found three distinctly different protocols (at least).

1. Multiple exchanges: 120 cycles totaling approx. 15 minutes

2. A number of exchanges: 5-10 cycles totaling approx.. 30 minutes

3. One-two exchanges: 1-2 cycles totaling approx. 1,5-2 hours

I guess it comes down to the question: what works better in your application?
"Series dilutions" or "molecular transport through diffusion"

I would happily read a few lines on your results and experiences ;-) on the
matter. It would be neat to get a better understanding of the scenarios where
this or that works better.

Best regards,

Thomas Frisk
Biomedical and X-Ray Physics,
Dept. of Applied Physics,
KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

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