durusmail: qp: 'QP' demonstration application
'QP' demonstration application
'QP' demonstration application
Michael Watkins
I've quickly put together a demo of my first attempt at understanding 'QP',
the new framework out of the mems-exchange folks, and have a demo of


The code and some installation documentation is here:


I started writing this a few days ago but got sidetracked; I'd intended to
write a "20 minute wiki" style piece to join the fray of others... but as I
wrote and wrote and wrote documentation I both ran out of time to complete
it, and, also got out of sync with the code that turned out. Perhaps one day
I'll synch them both up and, after chopping out tons of text, will release
the "20 Minute Demo" docs for real. In the meantime, they are checked into
the Wiki itself.


My conclusion about QP? I like it; it feels very similar to Quixote but has
some extras (and some minuses) - certainly if one's focus is Durus, its a
good tool to use.

cc'd to the Quixote list; the UI code is very much Quixote 2.x like and might
be useful to someone, somewhere.