durusmail: quixote-users: Some proposed changes to Quixote
Some proposed changes to Quixote
Some proposed changes to Quixote
Neil Schemenauer
On Mon, Dec 04, 2000 at 10:45:02AM -0500, Greg Ward wrote:

[about session changes that are okay with me]

> 3) allow multiple Quixote processes on the same machine (to service
>    multiple "root packages".  This would require getting rid of
>    the quixote.config module (or at least allowing it to be
>    overridden).  It would have to be replaced by a config object
>    that would be passed around wherever it's needed.

See below.

>    We might also want to put the guts of publish.py into
>    a Publisher class, to avoid reliance on keeping state in module-
>    level globals.

Maybe but why does it matter?  Isn't there going to be one
Quixote process per namespace?  The only global state I see is
exit_now which really applies to the Quixote process anyhow.

>    I've thought a bit about how to dump config.py in favour of a config
>    object, but don't have anything concrete yet.  I'm open
>    to ideas!

One solution would be to have the configuration in the cgi script
itself.  Something like:

    from quixote.config import Config
    import mems.ui
    config = Config(root_namespace=mems.ui,


An alternate solution would be to have call_fcgi take multiple

> 4) don't say "root package", say "root namespace".  That opens up
>    the possibility of an instance or module instead of requiring
>    a full-blown package to service Quixote requests.

+1.  See above.