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RELEASED: Quixote 2.8b1
RELEASED: Quixote 2.8b1
Neil Schemenauer
On 2012-01-04, Jonathan Corbet wrote:
> Figures...I spend much of the final two weeks of the year finally getting
> around to updating the LWN code to Quixote 2 and deploying it.  I felt so
> good knowing that we were at a current release after so long...and days
> later you release something new :)

I'm trying hard not to break things.  I've learned my lesson from
the 2.0 release, that was not good for the community.  I guess it
didn't help that it was hard for the project to accept outside code
while hosted at CNRI.

I considered adding something like Flask's "methods" keyword to the
export() decorator.  That seems sensible and would make it easier to
implement the HTTP OPTIONS method.  I haven't thought of a clean,
backwards compatible way to do it yet though.

> Anyway, I'm running my development system with 2.8b1 with no ill effects
> so far.

Great, thanks for the feedback.  I'm glad to hear you finally were
able to switch to 2.x.  Hopefully you get some payoff for the pain.