durusmail: quixote-users: config.py and _session_coll
config.py and _session_coll
config.py and _session_coll
Greg Ward
On 26 October 2000, Kaweh Kazemi said:
> * config.py is now directly found in the quixote package. wouldn't it be
> more useful to put the config.py somewhere else (like, where quixote.cgi can
> be found)? if i configure my web application and reinstall a newer version
> of quixote, my config file is overwritten without warning.

Or how about both: leave quixote.config where it is, but allow
developers to override config variables with their own config.py.  And
it wouldn't have to be complete, just the ones you want.  Eg. for
development I might want a config.py with

  RUN_ONCE = 1

but with all other defaults from quixote.config.

Couple ways to do this:

  * import-time trickery in quixote/config.py that goes looking for
    another config.py somewhere (I like the "same directory as
    quixote.fcgi" -- but perhaps it should be named quixote_config.py)

  * leave it up to the user to put "from quixote.config import *"
    in their local config file

I lean towards the former.  Opinions?

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