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Printing of Lithography Mask designed in Autocad
Printing of Lithography Mask designed in Autocad

I have designed a lithography mask (for microfluidics and electrodes) in
Autocad 2013 / 2002. the design is perfect as i have converted the design
file to other formats LASI, GDS and found to be correct in dimensions. the
dimensions are in the range of few 10s of microns to 100s of microns.
BUT-  i want to print this mask design on paper - plastic foil using high
resolution printers. when i try to do this - in print preview i just see
very very thick lines of all features drawn in autocad.  i checked many
books.. forums.. no clue yet. is there anything related to linewidth ?  how
to change it.. ?

i am new to autocad and also mask design.

Help !!!


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