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Problem with SU-8 Thick film
***SPAM*** Problem with SU-8 Thick film
Problem with SU-8 Thick film
Sunshine Littlecreek
Hi Rick,
My seed layer is 2400 Å thick. The O2 plasma discus cycle is 1 minute at 50 W.
The plating solution is sulfite based. I have one electrical contact which is 3
cm wide x 3 cm long, with 250 um traces to the elements I want to plate. The
current density, based on a calculation on the combined areas of the plateable
elements is 25 mA/cm^2.

I hope this information can help solve the problem! Also if anyone has had
problems with plating occurring under structures and pushing the photoresist
(also SU-8) off, I’d appreciate hearing how you fixed the issue.

Sunshine Littlecreek
Rutgers University
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