durusmail: qp: Minor Python 3.2 related patches for qp, qpy
Minor Python 3.2 related patches for qp, qpy
Michael Watkins (3 parts)
Minor Python 3.2 related patches for qp, qpy
Michael Watkins
On Sun, March 13, 2011 08:03, David Binger wrote:
> I think this must be caused by an import being interpreted as a relative
> import.
> I added "from __future__ import absolute_import" to the top of web.py,
> where there is an import from the system "http" package.   Maybe this
> will solve this problem.

Sorry, false alarm on that particular issue, mea culpa.

Looking at this deeper today it looks like the problem lies not in qp but
in "Distribute" / the setuptools fork which I've made use of from time to

A recently re-written testing setup script and some local shell changes
brought the problem to the surface as my sudo environment was missing

Maybe a package name collision note in the setup notes in README.txt will
suffice for changes.

In the probably not a false alarm department:

qpy's qpcheck.py needs updating for 3.2 to accommodate language changes it
seems. A "test" and traceback attached.