durusmail: qp: RELEASED: DurusWorks v1.2, Dulcinea v0.22
RELEASED: DurusWorks v1.2, Dulcinea v0.22
Roger Masse (2 parts)
RELEASED: DurusWorks v1.2, Dulcinea v0.22
Roger Masse
Greetings --

It's been awhile since we've done update releases of DurusWorks and Dulcinea.

These updates have some small pieces of new functionality, but largely reflect
the tracking of changes in Python and the evolution of style in programing web
applications… and of course fixing bugs!

This software is made available through the generosity of my employer CNRI under
an open source license from the MEMS Exchange website under software (http://www

DurusWorks, the repackaging of Durus, qp, qpy and sancho, was originally
released in Sept 2011, and Dulcinea which goes back more than 10 years, has been
the basis of several successful projects here at CNRI including:

 - The MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange (http://www.mems-exchange.org)
 - The MEMSnet information portal (http://memsnet.org)
 - The GRIN Exchange (http://gradient-optics.org)
 - The TransApps marketplace (http://marketplace.transapps.net)

The details of the changes made since the last releases of DurusWorks and
Dulcinea can be seen by browsing the tarballs through the web.

For the foreseeable future, I will be the sole developer and maintainer of these
packages here at CNRI.

Much of this great work was accomplished by my former colleague here at CNRI,
David Binger, who for the moment anyway, is not doing software development.

My direct contact information is Roger Masse (rmasse@mems-exchange.org), but
please first consider using the QP list (qp@mems-exchange.org) to post comments,
questions or concerns about the software rather than contacting me directly.
Durus-specific questions can be directed to the Durus-users list (durus-users

Since this is my first time managing these releases, please let me know if
something doesn't look right.

Thank you,

        -Roger Masse - Software Developer - CNRI

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